About Me

About Sonam Jadon by SJ Blogging

About Me

If you have Self-Confidence, Patience and Actionable Attitude Then no one can Beat You

By Sonam Jadon

I have been more than 5+ years in digital marketing industries, and have helped more than 25+ companies/individuals to grow their business.

My Digital Marketing Experience

When I started, I didn’t even know what is my goal and what I wanted to be, I only knew one thing that I want to make a lot of money But I had absolutely no idea how to earn money by your own. There are just 2 things: first Job and other one is business.

Now, Fulfill your Dream is not as easy as Dreaming. Like everyone I didn’t have that amount of money by which I could set my business. So, I went with the 2nd option which was job. (story coming soon…)

Current Status

Today, I am a Digital Entrepreneur (Blogger, Social Media Marketer (Paid as well as Organic), WordPress Website and Landing Page Designer, Funnel Expert, Course Creator and a Mentor.

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