How to Write a Blog Post For Beginners

Hey, you are looking some tips for how to write a blog post for beginners ? You are at the right place here I am going to explain all the steps for blog post writing step by step. So be ready to write your notes for your blog.

Blog Writing Format for Blog Post

(First Make Your Post Content Format) It is very important that you should prepare your blog format before writing because it is a time saving process and it can add more value to the process of writing, step by step in your blog post.

As you have already written the important steps for your blog post then you can easily write your complete post more effectively than having no format. You can see the blog writing format for Blog Post below for the same post you are reading here.

  • How to Write a Blog Post For Beginners (Main Title)
  • Blog Writing Format for Blog Post (Main Heading (H2))
  • What is Blog Post?
  • Which Points should we Consider for our Blog Post
  • Blog post Title and Meta Title Length
  • Blog post meta description length
  • Add a Focus Keyword
  • Featured Image and Post images (with ALT Tag/ Focus KW)
  • Add proper tags
  • Length of an Article
  • URL Length
  • Add Internal And External Links

What is Blog post

A Blog Post is an informational/educational content by which we are guiding and sharing some or a lot of Information/knowledge about a particular topic in the form of Text, Image and Videos. It is a combination of some things.

Which Points should we Consider for our Blog Post

According to our Topic we can easily start with a short and crisp introduction of our topic and then we can go with What, How, Which and Where etc. easily.
Heading >> Sub Headings >> Paragraph >> Images and Videos will make your content beautiful and interesting for the reader.

Blog Post Title and Meta Title Length

Your Title should be in 60 characters and Meta Description should be in 160 characters and if we talk about the permalink length then it should be in 75 characters according to SEO Parameters.

What is Focus Keyword

Focus Keyword is the Main keyword on which we are going to rank out complete blog post. We use focus keyword multiple time in out article.

What is Featured Image

The Featured Image is a Thumbnail Image. Let’s take an example of YouTube, By seeing the front image of a YouTube video we get an idea of the inner content of that video just like that Featured Image is the thumbnail image of your blog.

Why We Use Tag in WordPress

With the help of tags we can describe our post in different ways by which google recommend our post to more readers.
Tags are the most useful and beneficial part of a blog post with the help of tags we can increase the chance of more traffic.

What is the Average Length of an Article

If seen professionally then the ordinance of an article should be 600 to 800 words. And more than that it depends on you, on which topic you are writing the article and what information you are giving in it.

SEO Friendly URL

According to some SEO plugins your URL length should be of 75 characters more than that there may be a issue with google indexing.

How many internal & external links should be used per Article

In a standard length article we can use 2-3 outbound links and approx. 5-6 internal links. (in approx. 800 words article).

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